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90pages script consulting

Script consultancy

/ based on over 15 years of experience

/ in French or English

/ remotely or face-to-face in Paris, France

90pages, script consulting, script consultation, experience of narrative mechanisms, author, screenplay, film

Customized, personalized support at every stage of screenwriting to optimize the script.
I work in close collaboration with the author in a dynamic approach, within the script's ecosystem and its uniqueness, accelerating the creative process and enhancing quality.


/ Specific Method

/ Objective and constructive feedback

/ Respect of the author's artistic vision

/ Time and energy saving, and an optimized screenplay

/ Over 15 years of experience in supporting the construction of narrative

90pages script consulting


90pages script consulting offers its expertise in the field of scriptwriting and development. Its role is to help authors to optimize the quality and the narrative, structural and emotional coherence of their projects, while preserving their singularity. I help writers refine their ideas, resolve narrative issues, overcome creative blocks, and develop, precise and enrich the story and its characters. It is an accelerator and amplifier of the creative process.

The strength of 90pages is its exchange-based process. After reading the script in-depth and analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, comes the core of the process: the consulting itself. It is an exchange during which the author positions himself from comments, reflections, suggestions, ideas and questions to arrive at a relevant diagnosis and specifics paths for improvement and solid rewriting. It is a constructive, dynamic and shared reflection, which makes it possible to go deeper into the mechanics of the script in order to optimize it.


90pages, film, écriture, scénario, script consulting, processus de création, mécanique du scénario
90pages, scénario, script consulting, consultation de scénario, auteur, traitement, continuité dialoguée, processus, écriture, analyse, personnages, structure, histoire

90pages's PROCESS

Before committing yourself, I would be happy to speak to you. The script itself should not be discussed (too much). I need to be able to discover it fully and completely, without any preconceptions. This is important because it will also allow me to see any discrepancies between what the reader reads, understands and feels and the author's intention, as well as to have an authentic first reading.

After receiving the script I read it, twice, and take notes. It is the analysis phase. Then comes the consultation, which takes usually place 15 days later, and lasts half a day. It's a process during which we refine together the story and the characters on different scales, big picture as well as details.




speaker at Filmapalooza Lisbon 2024
member of the 48 Hour Film Project Paris jury

Déborah Braun has worked for AZ You Like, Zed, Little Bear, Storia Télévision, Terence Films, Bande à Part, Telsete, Dum Dum Films, Nelka Films, Point du Jour, Idéale Audience, Zeta, 45RDLC, LDM, IN Production, Morgane, Vincent et 7 Amis, Hugo Films, Seconde Vague, etc…

"Once upon a time... , and a world is born.
Stories have always fascinated me, they are like magic. Invented and yet so real they connect us."

Déborah Braun, French-British, grew up in Cannes and quickly became a film buff. As a young woman, she was already on several film festival juries. Five films a day and it was bliss. Films but also books, every day, sometimes the whole day, of all genres: science fiction, thrillers, novels, short stories, and theatre too, a little later. The half-light of the cinema and the solitude of reading suit her well, and link her to the world, to others. She has never tired of wandering through stories and rubbing shoulders with their characters.
At the Namur Festival, she discovered the practice of editing, the third form of film writing. It was love at first sight. She went on to study Arts, Communication and Language Sciences, and Cinema, and also took classes with Jack Garfein (Actor's Studio) on acting techniques and directing.

She met the editor Yves Deschamps, who trained her and passed on his knowledge to her. She went on to become chief editor for almost 15 years, often working for the same directors.
Before and during editing, the same question is always asked:
What is the story?


Later, she worked with Noëlle Mesny-Deschamps, founder of the first script development company in France, then of Equinoxe and its writing workshops.
It was a natural progression for her to go from working on the third script to working on the first. So she decided to create 90pages script consulting.

"I enter each script like one enters an unknown place. I also explore it physically. Volumes and sounds, materials and sensations, emotions. Insights, reflections, analysis, exchanges, brainstorming, evidence, stories..."


What is the story?

The film is in the answer. »




déborah braun, il était une fois, magie, cinéphile, lecture, chef monteuse, qu'est ce qu'on raconte?, film, montage, écriture, développement de scénario, ateliers d'écriture, 90pages, script consulting, scénario
manifesto, histoires, fictions, émotions, mythes, contes, lois, récits, textes, légends, théatre, scénario, roman, univers, qu'est ce qu'on raconte?  film, récit


Homo is the only animal to tell fictions

Humanity was born from shared stories

They are the sounding boards of our emotions, by sharing them we form a group

Stories shape our realities, and build our beliefs

Stories are our superpower


Stories are the place where we recognize ourselves

Myths Tales Laws Stories Texts Legends Plays Scenarios Novels Films are made of human, living matter.

A story is a movement towards the Other

A story is always a fiction

It seeks to create a link, an understanding, a common experience

Stories are more than entertainment

They synchronize us when we share their meaning

They are able to arouse in us intense emotions that transcend the boundaries of the possible

They have a very real impact on our lives


A screenplay is a parallel universe, an ecosystem

Nothing is real, but everything is true

It is the origin of a new world


What is the story?




"It's obvious that I sensed, thanks to this "intimate" understanding - in the sense of "as close as possible" - of what we wanted to tell, a desire not to distort, to want to put ourselves at the service of the story we wanted to tell. All her questions and comments clicked. She doesn't let anything slip, which often helps us get to the root of a storytelling problem.

Following her feedback, we started a rewrite and I can't wait to have her read the result."

Erwan Rodary, Show Producer and Scriptwriter

"Déborah, thank you again for the very pertinent and generous consultation"

Alain Layrac, Screenwriter and Author

"As an active editor for over fifty years, I know intimately the essential importance of the script. I also know Déborah as an editor and consultant. Having her as a first viewer of your film or screenplay is an invaluable asset. Her sense and experience of rhythm, context and dramaturgy make her a powerful ally in the work of screenwriting. She doesn't interfere with your ideas and desires, but helps you express their full visual and emotional potential.
It's said that two are better than one, and with her it's certain".

Yves Deschamps, Chief Editor and Scriptwriter

scénario, consultation de scénario, analyse, séance, professionnels, étudiants, tarifs


The rates below are for production companies

For scriptwriters looking for a producer, students, under-26s and 48ers see below

Script consultancy:

- dialogue continuity
(120 pages max.), treatment (over 15 pages) or series bible
in-depth reading, note-taking, and a half-day working session with the author(s):
> 1050€ excl.taxes
- a treatment
(15 pages maximum)
in-depth readings, note-taking, and a half-day work session with the author(s):
> 850€ excl.taxes

- a short film (30 pages maximum)
in-depth reading, note-taking, and a half-day work session with the author(s):
> 550€ excl.taxes

- Other script formats, writing follow-up, workshop, editing consultation, etc...  :

> quote on request

For scriptwriters without a producer and less than one year old production companies a 30% discount is applied

For students, under-26s and 48ers, a 40% discount is applied (with the possibility of payment in instalments)

90pages, script consulting, contact

Contact 90pages script consulting by filling out the form :

or calling +33661358585

Thanks, we'll get back to you soon!

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